The reason for this Web Site



The casual visitor to this Site in the Internet, possibly, may question the reason for this Site’s existence, as well as the strange name. Those who are writing and designing it did wonder about it and continue to do so.


What usefulness can it have, even, what interest can it awaken in people? Why this title?


Today the Internet is used very extensively. Some people use it for good, others for evil. Among this, we encounter the pornography that enslaves the human spirit, as drogue addition enslave's the body. This happens by reason of the powerful quality of the internet. This has the capacity of enclosing the person into itself and becoming its captive. Even, when one discusses through the computer with another person via the internet, one suffers a reduction to subjective individuality. The user feels absorbed by the screen stimulus. It is as if the computer tells the heart: “this is only for you and me.” As the EGO is a machine aspiring for secrets, the user feels sure of keeping the secret. Therefore, the PC on-line has a quality that favours aloneness.


For this quality, also, we may see the internet as beneficially constructive. The aloneness is also capable of engendering concentration of the inner personality, that is, loneliness.


This last sense and this hope encourages us to initiate the planning of this Web Site. We offer the visitor the choice of remaining in it. And this, not only passively but also by actively reading; reading and writing notes of response to the reading; and, entering inside of him/herself, to make of each thought and emotion a positive ruminant of his/her existing and enriching his/her existence.


In this quiet manner, you may find the centre of your being as well as the centre of your existence in the midst of all that surrounds you. Each of us is a drop in the ocean, a breath in the air, a grain of sand, however: each one of us is free to become the kind of person that we wish to be, although this has to be built by one's true self.


We were unable to avoid our coming to our existence, however we are free to enter into ourselves, to shape us as we decide. The business is to decide for ourselves. For this there is no other alternative but to enter deep into our own awareness, our inner self. Once there, we own all that we have been given: ourselves. And, in there, this editor knows, we meet our Creator.


The visitor to this Web Site is able to enter in correspondence with the editor or collaborators of WINDOW TO ETERNITY. Perhaps she/he would like to offer his/her thoughts to the editor, to be considered for publication with signature, or anonymously. The editor is obliged to reserve, however, to himself the right of accepting or refusing its publication. This is because there are considerations of taste, space, legal, etc., for which he is responsible.


As a general rule, the correspondence will be published anonymously, although it will be given a pseudonym to be able to follow the thread of argument; however the answer will be always by signed when it is given by the editor or any of the collaborators in WINDOW TO ETERNITY.



 Protopresbyter Kyrillos Leret-Aldir.


2 February 2006. Feast of the Presentation of Christ in the Temple.


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